A little about my humans



So now that we went back lets go a little forward. I’m the mother of a handsome 5th grade boy and a beautiful kindergarten girl. While being a mom is the most fullfilling role I have ever had, it’s also the most exhausting and scariest. Why is that? THERE IS NO MANUAL to read or tell you how to be a good or bad mom. I mean, besides the common sense stuff! Are they doing enough activities? Too little? Am I fucking them up by spoiling them? Will they survive if I don’t buy them the newest shiniest gadget??

I always hear that newborns and toddlers are harder to take care of than school age kids and to me, that’s a LIE! I mean, yeah sure we don’t get much sleep when they’re babies, but when your daughter is singing to Cardi B and your  son says he likes a girl in his class. UMM WHAT?!?! Go take a nap children!


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