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So, I guess I have to clarify what I wrote about on my first post. It’s not because someone brought it up, but because I have read over a certain part and in my heart I know it just doesn’t sound “right”. I love my career in real estate and helping my husband run his construction company to it’s fullest potential. THAT makes me happy.

What isn’t “fulfilling” to me is the politics behind it all. Since childhood, I have always being a creative person. I love colors, I love art, I love all types of music,  I just love to be around creative and like minded individuals that stand out from the crowd. When I started working in the real estate sector as a property manager assistant, I quickly learned it’s a fast paced environment also code word for STRESSFUL.

I moved up the ranks and became a licensed real estate agent and a property manager. I went ahead and after a few years opened my own property management company. After a few successful years, I decided to close shop and become a sales agent, while helping my husband grow his business.

I like real estate sales but I felt I was going at it wrong and it was because I didn’t feel authentic. I felt I wasn’t being ME. Creative ME. I felt I was being your typical real estate agent and wasn’t being me, a mom, a creative person, a female pushing sales and also knowledgeable in construction. I was always clean cut, cookie cutter and in part that IS ME but there is more to my personality.

IT FEELS GOOD. So, if you are stuck in a job or have a career in sales and you feel like can’t be yourself, I’m telling you, you are doing a disservice to yourself and to your clients. Being you feels good, looks good and does wonders to your career!

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