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how-to-be-an-entrepreneur-mugThe last 24 hours have been hectic! This is the side of entrepreneurship people don’t talk about, the late night calls, hard decisions, getting leads. It’s always a little stressful but making decisions regarding the company and the team is always hard.

Why? Because we are human, we have emotions and also have a connection with everyone on our team so it is a little hard when we have to let people go. Maybe their attitude is affecting the team, maybe they aren’t satisfied with what we can offer them at this moment.  But it’s always hard to let people go even though you know it’s for the benefit of the company AND also for that person. If they aren’t prospering in this environment any longer, go and find somewhere where you are.

As the “boss lady” for my husbands company, it’s always hard for me to agree/disagree with him.  I see him stressing and my first instinct is to protect him and agree with him, but I hardly ever do that. I know its my JOB AND DUTY to have a clear head and give advice not as a wife but as a partner in the company. To look at both sides and make the best decision.  He rarely likes to hear my side, but he will give himself a few hours and then make the final call. I appreciate that he hears my side so I respect his final decision. That’s how we run our company and it’s what works for us.

So, it’s not always fun and games but it’s these little moments that push us to go harder. To get stronger as a team and keep moving forward.


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