Do you ever sit back and think of the people that have changed your life? Lately, I have been in that state of mind. Where you are looking at things around you and you realize these are the things you prayed for.

I look at the material things and then I tell myself how was I able to get them, how was I able to come to this point in my life. Then I go back and think of the people that might have said something to me, directly or indirectly and it’s just wow. It’s crazy to think  how someone can say something and it just CLICKS. That’s what I want for me.

I want someone to read my blog or hear my podcast and it changes them in a good way. Maybe they get an “aha” moment for their marriage, business or even themselves.

So yes, that’s the spiritual journey I’m in right now. Taking it all in and just living in the now and feeling blessed.

Every night I pray and every morning I give thanks.

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