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Do you fuel your dream or fuel your fear?

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This “idea” of mine I had been pondering for a few months now but I was a little scared and it also didn’t sound “right”…I decided to let it go. A few weeks ago, I noticed my husband and I were restless with our lives and almost complacent with our lives, and I think the last part was what bothered us. We couldn’t find a common goal and we couldn’t agree on the fact that THIS was IT.  I’ll talk more about it on my podcast but we didn’t have a VISION anymore and we were falling into a routine that we both didn’t like, not even the kids!

So, I suggested my idea to him and he immediately cleaned it up and BAM a new goal for the family, and just like that a new office is opening in a place that is 5 hours away. It’s exciting and a little scary because we know we have a lot to juggle but we also know that we reap what we sow, so we want to keep working our land (in my Tim Storey voice). I never want my husband or I to live a life of “what if” and I’m happy we both agree in that we rather try and say we did it than wonder what could have been.

We had a family meeting and then a company meeting and we are all on board and on the same page! Im hoping the travel time on the road or flight will give me more type to blog!

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