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Myra Perez Fitme challenge

Christine-Hanks-PhotographySeptember 24, 2018-life-with-yolie-34

I’m super excited to start Myra Perez’s fitme challenge next week!

Let me tell you why, I have always struggled with my weight and let me be honest, it hasn’t bothered me as much as it should. I made excuses for it and just lied to myself that it was what it was.

My weight started going up once I got diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer at 17 yrs old, then I had my son 3 years later. I kept fluctuating in weight after birth. We were trying to have a second baby for 2 years, when we realized our weight was probably the reason why I wasn’t getting pregnant.

I remember watching a documentary about junk food and decided at that moment to start my journey to healthy living. After no fast food and juicing for a few days a week, I was pregnant within 4 months!

After having my daughter via C-section, I decided to continue my journey and joined a gym. I attended for about a year and I lost a lot of weight, but once again, I made the excuse that my daughter was no longer entertained long enough for me to complete my work-outs.

Now, 6 years laters, I’m ready for a change.  I join gyms for a few weeks but as soon as it gets hard (scheduling, workouts, work/mom duties) I make excuses and quit.

These last couple of months, I have been soul searching and just learning that I will always be a woman in progress.  If I mess up, it’s ok to say  “I fucked up” and keep going, just don’t quit!

My motivation? I want to be there for my kids when they get married, I want to be healthy for my grandchildren. I only have so many summers with them before they’re adults and I want to enjoy them being the best version of myself.

Good luck fellow Fitme challenge participants! Si se puede!


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