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Ask Yolie: Week 2

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Q3: I started my business a few months ago but it’s hard to celebrate any accomplishments when my husband isn’t supportive. He doesn’t say negative things but he also doesn’t congratulate me or ask how my business is doing. What should I do?

A3: Mujer, congratulations on starting your business! I don’t know the dynamic of your relationship or your husbands character. But I do have all these questions, was he always the bread winner? Is he normally quiet and doesn’t express his feelings? Is he busy in his career, or stressed on his own projects?

Regardless of the situation, you SHOULD celebrate milestones in your business! Find yourself a tribe of people that are willing to uplift and motivate you. THIS is crucial in being an entrepreneur, surrounding yourself with like minded people. Unfortunately, we sometimes don’t get the support from friends or family. I would also suggest talking to your spouse, communication is key in any relationship! Opening up about your emotions might help him open up about his feelings.

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