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Ask Yolie: Week 3

Q4: How do I get clients when I don’t have tons of money for advertising? 

A4: Say hello to social media and networking! You didn’t give me specifics on what kind of business you have, but social media can be a starting point. Make sure your post are consistent with your brand and have a name that matches your products/services.

Second thing you must do, NETWORK!! Print out flyers, business cards and pass them out to local companies that can refer you customers. Don’t just drop off a flyer and expect them to say good things about you and your business, you have to form a relationship with them, support their business.

Always market yourself!! Don’t have tons of money? Print your logo on t-shirts as they are the most cost effective, print out your logo on clear stickers and put that on EVERYTHING (pens, notebook,laptop, water bottle).

Good luck!

You can use the following:  or your local printing store!

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