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Empowered women empower women

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I think most of us have heard the statement “Empowered women empower women.” This is an idea that has really resonated with me lately. In a world full of jealousy, negativity, rude remarks, judgmental looks, hateful comments (the  list could go on and on), we NEED to be the positive change and the support for those around us, specifically the other women around us!

Sure, life gets CRAZY and sometimes it’s all we can do to believe in ourselves, to keep ourselves going, and to stay motivated…but try turning some of your focus to empowering, inspiring, believing in, and lifting up the women around you. Sometimes when we move the focus off of our own problems and struggles and we start looking at how we can help others it can have a huge positive impact on the way we view our own lives.

Take a minute and think back to women who have been your biggest support system. Those women who have had your back no matter what and who constantly push you to keep going and to reach for your dreams. Think of how strongly their support has impacted you and make an effort to be that support system for your own friends, family, and fellow business women! Be the listening ear, the advice giver, the encourager, the hard ass friend who won’t let them settle for good enough but pushes them to reach their full potential!

We all need friends like this, so try BEING that friend to the amazing women you have the privilege to know and to impact each and every day. Aspire to be the empowered woman who empowers women!

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