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Juggling Mom + Boss Life in the Summer


It’s Summer! School is now out which means the kids will be home 24/7 relying on you to give them a Summer full of fun. How do you as a working mom juggle making your child feel loved and invested in while at the same time staying on top of your demanding business? Here are a few tips that I hope you will find helpful!

Set clear expectations. If you’re kids know what to expect then chances are you will be able to get a lot more work done during the day then expected! Sit down with your kids the beginning of Summer and let them know what your typical daily schedule might look like. Explain that you love them SO much and are super excited to spend some extra time with them, but you still have work that you need to get done each day. Try helping your kids make lists of activities they can do around the house to have fun and entertain themselves while you are working. Hang the list up somewhere they can easily find/read it when they are looking for things to do. Maybe even go to the store and let them each pick out some fun new games, crafts, books, or toys that they can play with when they need something special to occupy their time! 

Join forces with other moms! Get together with your other working moms and schedule playdates with your kids. Take turns taking the kids out for fun activities. This could mean asking your friend if your kids can join hers for an afternoon at the pool while you stay at home in the undisturbed quiet to complete your work (just make sure you return the favor)! Joining forces a few times throughout the Summer can ensure that you’ll both get some quality time to dedicate to your work while at the same time making sure your kids are having a blast during their Summer vacation. 

Designated mom-and-me days. Set aside one afternoon/evening EACH week that is specifically dedicated to 1-on-1 time with your kids. Let them pick the activity you will do and make that activity all about them! Show them that even though you have a busy schedule you still intentionally make time to spend just with them each week. Giving them that special time will show them how much you care  for them, even though you might not be able to spend every minute of the week just with them. 

Let your kids be involved in your work! This may not work for everyone depending on the age of your kids, but if they are old enough and responsible enough give them opportunities to be your special helper during your work time. Find simple tasks they can complete for you. These tasks could include labeling items, stapling papers together, cleaning/organizing your office with you, etc. Giving them a part in your work will help them to feel extra special and needed, as well as keeping them occupied! 

Try implementing some of these tips into your Summer to help in being more successful when juggling the mom and boss lives!

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