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Yay! Kids are going back to school

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Is anyone else excited that the kids are going back to school? Actually, I don’t know why I act super excited, because when the first day of school comes, I miss them terribly!

As mom’s we see all the list to get the kids ready for school, but what about us? We also need to get into the groove of drop off/pick-up, packing school lunches and helping with homework.

I want to share a few tips that I personally use to get me back on track for the first week.

Food: I try to simplify meals for the first week of school. For example, I will cook turkey meat and use it for stuffed bell peppers and the following day tacos. If possible I try to cook and meal prep the Saturday before the kids go back to school. If your kids are old enough, have them pack their snacks or help you with cooking.

Schedule: I make sure everyone knows the schedule, I put a reminder on google calendar and share it with my husband and kids. I put EVERYTHING on it, from “10 min before we go to school” to “check homework before bed”. My oldest is at the point where he doesn’t need a reminder but my little one still needs pushing. I also try to put school event dates on my calendar as soon as the school district distributes them, so I’m able to schedule family vacations on the go.

Extras: For my oldest, I make sure has a key for our house, I make sure my husband knows the room number and teachers for the kids (I usually send him an email with the  info). If you have an emergency contact, I would suggest you give them that info too. I also check the medicine cabinet and throw away anything that is expired and refill on anything that we need (band-aids anyone!)

Hope you have a smooth back to school week!

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