Dating your partner

I’m currently writing this in my suite from The Palazzo in Las Vegas, my view is my husband working on his laptop and his backdrop is the Wynn which is seriously visual manifestation goals!!!!

I just finished talking to my kids, which I miss! My mom guilt subsided yesterday night, but on the flight here, I seriously had major mom guilt!

If you hear my podcast, you will know I’m a firm believer in date nights, couple time and not only being a mom, but also a wife, a woman.

My husband and I are pretty good on having a lunch/dinner dates, but even then I’m always on mom mode. I can’t fully relax and let my hair down because I’m thinking of things I need to get done when I get home, prepping my kids for school the next day, etc. Even when I’m at home and my kids aren’t there, it’s hard to feel sexy when I know I have to fold laundry, clean dishes.

I truly believe, a happy mom, a good marriage equals happy kids.

For this trip, I bought outfits that made me feel good, that are not my usual office attire or my work out clothes when I’m on mom mode. I bought some nice lingerie. I have to admit, it was a little uncomfortable because it’s stuff I don’t usually wear when I’m at home.

Mamas, if you struggle with mom guilt, with letting your hair down; I highly recommend you take a weekend trip with your significant other. It doesn’t have to be expensive, a staycation, but make it about YOU TWO. Prioritize your marriage. Refresh and rekindle the flames.

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