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The price of everything and the value of nothing

A cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.- Oscar Wilde

Yesterday evening as I watched how joyfully the kids played in the beach with a beautiful sunset as a background, a lot of thoughts crossed my mind. Gratitude for the moment, thankful to give these moments to my kids and then I thought on why don’t we do this more often. Why do we forget this feeling, when we go back to our every day life?

My family and I are incredible blessed to live a lifestyle, where if the air quality is bad in our town, we can pack up and leave for a few days and work remotely. I never take this for granted but I know I sometimes we debate this, spending good quality time with the family. We put up obstacles such as schedules, finances, and the thought of just taking a “break” from work can be scary for us.

So, when I read the above quote from Oscar Wilde, it resonated with me at this time in our life. Not just for a vacation, but even such things as home schooling. Yes, it is stressful and sometimes downright scary, but when would will we ever have such an opportunity to be so involved in their teaching? To actually SEE how they learn and LEARN what works for them? Not just a “one size fits all” like most schools are set up to be.

Yes, it is stressful and life can be overwhelming and all those emotions that come with it are all valid feelings. But hear me out for a second, what if we just get to enjoy what life is, enjoy the journey as it is, the good and the bad. To love those around us fiercely and enjoy each day as it comes.

So with that, don’t forget to see the VALUE of each moment, of each experience, of the relationships in your life.

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