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Staying on tasks

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The last two weeks, my life has been in a whirlwind. After attending Women in Conference by Emily Frisella (which I highly recommend! I’ll be doing an episode of it next weekend!) I felt the need to “GO!” in my entrepreneur life. The thing is, I also had a wedding to attend, 2 birthdays to celebrate and still work in our established business and launch my new venture and start focusing on my health, because HEALTH IS WEALTH!

I’ve always been a planner person, and use daily to-do lists, but after attending the conference, I felt I needed to be more dialed in for the week. I mean, on Sunday I sit down and write the big things for the week but I never truly set deadlines for the small things, I’ve been a “when I get to it” or “when I have time” person.

But let me tell you, just by setting deadlines on my small things, I have accomplished more things the last two weeks that I thought I could accomplish in a month!

So here’s 5 tips to get started!

  1. Pick a day to write things for the week on a notepad
    • Write all the things you want to accomplish in the week. Set a time and date for everything, work, your mommy time, your self-care time, everything! Even your distractions!
  2. Now look at your list, can you delegate some stuff?
    • Instacart anyone? A meal prep company?
    • Babysitter? Kids do laundry?
  3. After you delegate, if you can, now prioritize.
    • What needs to get done immediately, what can be done towards the end of the week and what can be hold off until next week?
  4. Set a time and date for everything and set block times for these things
    • How long is it going to take for you to accomplish these things? 30 min? 60 min? If you have to do a grocery run, or a meeting, give yourself enough driving time.
  5. Let your intentions be known
    • If your life is anything like mine, there’s children to feed, payroll to do, laundry and 10x more things on my list.
    • I sat down with my family and let know certain times, wife/mom is unavailable and those times are non-negotiable. I let them know X time is for working out and X is time is for downtime and so on and so forth. They don’t need your whole schedule but as long as they know certain times your absolutely unavailable, it will create a habit.

What is one thing you do to stay on task?

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