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Well..hello there

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Hi guys! I know its been over a month…oh, I just checked and it has been two months since we have catched up! I truly appreciate the messages I get in regards to my baby and my business.

The support of this community is incredible! So lets go down the list of things we need to talk about. The baby is doing great, she’s crawling and standing up on her own and she truly is a happy baby, until she’s not. I have been blessed that she is a pretty good baby but she is attached to my hip, so it’s a little harder to accomplish daily tasks. After 3 kids and multiple businesses, I acknowledge and accept that my house won’t always be spotless and tidy and that I might have to do work after the whole house hold is asleep. I also take the occasional nap, and late days so I don’t feel so much on the “go”.

The only reason I’m able to “comfortably” write this post is because all my kids are at my mother in laws for the weekend. It was much needed and I appreciate it. What is crazy, I told myself that I needed to catch up on laundry and clean up the house and I have actually worked late, but also had dinner date with my husband and we just cuddle in the couch and watch episodes of Narcos, without having to pause it multiple times because one of the kids needs something. You know what I’m talking about!

It might now be as productive as it should, but its definitely needed for my soul and for my marriage. Everyone needs a break from their kids once in a while! Okay, now back to the updates, I started homeschooling my 4th grader and while I was a little scared of adding a new thing to my plate I was also up for the challenge. But with everything going on in the world, I found this was best for my daughter and our family. She is actually thriving and I love the time we spend together.

Now that the baby is older my son decided to try a new sport, and I see him so much older and I can’t take it! He’s walking himself in the CITY to the studio!!! That in itself is a different post, because as mama bear I fought with myself in giving him responsibilities that are more age appropriate for him, which can be scary.

My CBD business is finally up and running and it has been a learning process on marketing and what not, but I’m happy that we are out in the market and that I’m able to educate people on the benefits of incorporating into their lives.

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