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Happy 2022

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So here we are..we made it! Another year! Happy 2022!

Not only did we celebrate a new year in our household but our baby turning 1!! It has been a whirlwind year, with a new baby, homeschooling, high school, starting new business and still dealing with the pandemic. So to that..I say CHEERS mama! Did it get hectic? Yes. Did I sometimes cry at night feeling overwhelmed? Yes. Did I question if I was doing the right thing as a mama? Yup.

But there was also good things! The milestones of Baby Emilia.. spending time with my daughter Ari and seeing her newfound love for learning. Navigating my son through his first year in high school and seeing him thrive, seeing my CBD business have it’s first customer…then second and then doing my first events in person. I also started working on myself, physically and mentally and proud to say I completed the #75hard program created by Andy Frisella. I’m not going to lie, it felt a little weird to prioritize working out when I’m running a household of humans. It felt off to put my schedule first and everyone else work around my schedule. This also caused my two oldest to have a little more responsibility, which was good!

After a week or two I was able to figure out what times work best for me and how to arrange my schedule. Was it tough? Yes, it was. First physically and then mentally. I just knew I was going to complete it and I was not going to let myself find an excuse not to. I will have a podcast to talk about it, I’m no expert on this and you should definitely listen to Andy Frisella’s podcast talking about the program. But I can tell you about my experience as a momma, as someone that struggles with putting myself first. It is definitely worth it!

As for this year, I have a lot of things on my vision board and vision boards/goals only work if you do. If you are not into vision boards or goal setting but have things you want to achieve, you should definitely try it. Last year, I did everything I wanted to do but I also held back because of “world events” and “what ifs” but I decided I need to keep going regardless of what is going on around me, if things come up, then they come up and I will handle them accordingly but I can NOT not keep it moving.

I seriously hope you took an end of review in your life and then tweak it accordingly this year to what makes you happy, what makes your heart thrive.

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