Empowered women empower women


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I think most of us have heard the statement “Empowered women empower women.” This is an idea that has really resonated with me lately. In a world full of jealousy, negativity, rude remarks, judgmental looks, hateful comments (the  list could go on and on), we NEED to be the positive change and the support for those around us, specifically the other women around us!


Sure, life gets CRAZY and sometimes it’s all we can do to believe in ourselves, to keep ourselves going, and to stay motivated…but try turning some of your focus to empowering, inspiring, believing in, and lifting up the women around you. Sometimes when we move the focus off of our own problems and struggles and we start looking at how we can help others it can have a huge positive impact on the way we view our own lives.


Take a minute and think back to women who have been your biggest support system. Those women who have had your back no matter what and who constantly push you to keep going and to reach for your dreams. Think of how strongly their support has impacted you and make an effort to be that support system for your own friends, family, and fellow business women! Be the listening ear, the advice giver, the encourager, the hard ass friend who won’t let them settle for good enough but pushes them to reach their full potential!


We all need friends like this, so try BEING that friend to the amazing women you have the privilege to know and to impact each and every day. Aspire to be the empowered woman who empowers women!



Ask Yolie: Week 3

Q4: How do I get clients when I don’t have tons of money for advertising? 

A4: Say hello to social media and networking! You didn’t give me specifics on what kind of business you have, but social media can be a starting point. Make sure your post are consistent with your brand and have a name that matches your products/services.

Second thing you must do, NETWORK!! Print out flyers, business cards and pass them out to local companies that can refer you customers. Don’t just drop off a flyer and expect them to say good things about you and your business, you have to form a relationship with them, support their business.

Always market yourself!! Don’t have tons of money? Print your logo on t-shirts as they are the most cost effective, print out your logo on clear stickers and put that on EVERYTHING (pens, notebook,laptop, water bottle).

Good luck!

You can use the following:

vistaprint.com  canva.com  fivver.com  or your local printing store!




Staying Motivated as an Entrepreneur

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Being an entrepreneur is an incredible opportunity, one that has stretched and grown me in SO many ways! However, if you’re anything like me, you can find that it’s challenging to stay motivated with the work you have to accomplish…it’s easy to find yourself bored and discouraged, wondering how you got to this point and how you can get back to the excitement you first experienced when starting off in the entrepreneur world.

One of the biggest changes I have had to make in my mindset as an entrepreneur is the separation from my business and my home. I LOVE that I can work my job while being at home investing in my family, but there are some specific boundaries I need to set up for myself in order to stay motivated and to keep my work from becoming stale. I will be sharing a few of those tips with you now!

Set up specific hours of the day for working. Take some time to sit down and work through your daily schedule. Decide which hours of the day will be dedicated specifically to your work and which hours of the day will be for family, friends, and home. I find that this has really helped me in staying focused and on task.

Create a designated work space in your home. I know it is way more relaxing to plop on the couch or chill in bed while plugging away at work on your laptop, but those cozy environments make it much easier to get distracted and to lose focus. Instead, set aside a quiet area of your home and make it your office. Have fun with this area, decorate it, invest in a desk and comfy office chair, make it pretty, relaxing, and a focused place to work! Having your own personal business space can REALLY help in upping your excitement as an entrepreneur!

Don’t stress out. I think we all know being our own boss can up the stress levels! Obviously there is much to accomplish each day, but don’t let your work consume you. If you’re feeling weighed down and overwhelmed by work, then add some time for self-care to your daily schedule. Get out of the house, pamper yourself for an hour or so, take the time you need to bring yourself back to a calm and positive place of thinking. Don’t let stress steal the love and excitement you have for your job!

I hope some of these tips can be helpful for you!

Yes, entrepreneurship is hard work, but it’s also so rewarding and empowering! Stay positive, stay motivated, stay grateful for all you’ve accomplished and all the amazing things you are going to do.

Have a fabulous week!

Ask Yolie: Week 2

Don’t forget to submit your questions and I’ll answer them on Wednesdays.


Q3: I started my business a few months ago but it’s hard to celebrate any accomplishments when my husband isn’t supportive. He doesn’t say negative things but he also doesn’t congratulate me or ask how my business is doing. What should I do?

A3: Mujer, congratulations on starting your business! I don’t know the dynamic of your relationship or your husbands character. But I do have all these questions, was he always the bread winner? Is he normally quiet and doesn’t express his feelings? Is he busy in his career, or stressed on his own projects?

Regardless of the situation, you SHOULD celebrate milestones in your business! Find yourself a tribe of people that are willing to uplift and motivate you. THIS is crucial in being an entrepreneur, surrounding yourself with like minded people. Unfortunately, we sometimes don’t get the support from friends or family. I would also suggest talking to your spouse, communication is key in any relationship! Opening up about your emotions might help him open up about his feelings.

New things on the horizon



New podcast logo…new website design! Super excited to be able to move forward and be more involved and interact with all of you!

I truly appreciate all the support you guys give me! I’m going to be integrating a new section on my blog where you can ask me questions regarding business, marriage, motherhood, ANYTHING and it will be confidential. I will answer two questions a week via blog or IG live.

I’m having a hard time picking a name for my new column. HELP!

Should I call it: Life with Yolie

or  simple:  Ask Yolie


Let me know below!

You messed up?

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It’s okay to fall off track, it’s ok to feel overwhelmed, it’s ok to have a bad day…

But you know what is NOT ok?

To stay there!

To stay in a moment of weakness, to stay in  a bad mood, to stay unhappy, to stay in that “poor me’ mentality.

Chin up, breathe… and KEEP GOING!!!