Ask Yolie: Week 3

Q4: How do I get clients when I don’t have tons of money for advertising? 

A4: Say hello to social media and networking! You didn’t give me specifics on what kind of business you have, but social media can be a starting point. Make sure your post are consistent with your brand and have a name that matches your products/services.

Second thing you must do, NETWORK!! Print out flyers, business cards and pass them out to local companies that can refer you customers. Don’t just drop off a flyer and expect them to say good things about you and your business, you have to form a relationship with them, support their business.

Always market yourself!! Don’t have tons of money? Print your logo on t-shirts as they are the most cost effective, print out your logo on clear stickers and put that on EVERYTHING (pens, notebook,laptop, water bottle).

Good luck!

You can use the following:  or your local printing store!




Overwhelmed with life

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The last 3 weeks have been a physical, mental and emotional roller coaster for me. Let me tell you why, my husband and I weren’t on the same page and instead of sitting down and communicating our needs like we usually do, we kept playing the blame/victim game and shutting each other out instead of reaching out and LISTENING.

While that was going on, I had to focus on work and keep studying for a big test I have at the end of the month, and also start packing for our move. We moved into a new place after moving to the East bay almost 2 years ago. I also had to deal with end of the year school activities, which are time consuming.

All this was manifesting on my body and mental state of mind, I was getting headaches, I was emotionally drained and my joints hurt.

I couldn’t handle it anymore and I decided to tackle every issue head on, starting with my marriage. I’m happy to report we are back on track and improving our communication skills, we sometimes get complacent with life and forget each other’s needs. I FINALLY finished moving yesterday and I also signed up to the gym to get back on track with my physical transformation.

Now that is in order, my head is clear and I can focus on work and on studying, because let’s be honest, if my family  isn’t in order then I can’t focus on ANYTHING.


Why, do I have the need to tell you this? Because it’s OKAY! Life is not always rainbows and unicorns and definitely not what social media portrays.  It’s okay to feel stressed and overwhelmed, but always remember “this too shall pass” BUT you have to take control of the situation.   Now lets get that mindset back on track and tackle a new week!!

Have a blessed day!

Protecting your energy

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As you know,  I have been doing a lot of self-care and self healing for the past two years but really have focused on emotional and mental well-being the last year.

What have I learned about myself? That I love people too hard, that I care a lot about other people and their happiness. For all those reasons, sometimes I can come as cold and hard. I guess that’s just me knowing the potential and seeing the good in people before they see it in themselves, and getting disappointed when they quit on themselves.

You probably remember this from a few post back but the main take away is this:   “It is not your job to show others the lessons they need to learn.”

I’m not perfect and I don’t claim to be or expect the people around me to be perfect. I do expect them to always be a work in progress, always learning, to keep an open mind and don’t accept shitty circumstances.

I also learned that once you start to self-heal that you need to protect your energy.  I have worked so hard on overcoming childhood trauma, anxiety attacks and depression that I’m very limited with the people that I let in my life.

Don’t be ashamed to distance yourself from the people that bring out the bad in you,  and letting them know right know you are working on yourself. Look at your immediate circle, look at your social media “friends” or accounts you follow. Are they bringing you good energy?Are they good people?

The people that love you will understand you and if they don’t get a new circle.



Ask Yolie: Week 1

Super excited to be starting this series! I had a couple questions but most of them didn’t want them on the blog. These two said it was fine.


Q1: Hi Yoli! I see your kids are a few years apart so I think you could help me with my situation. My son is 4 years old and I’am pregnant with my second boy, due in August. My son isn’t excited to be a big brother. Help!

A1: Congratulations on your pregnancy! My kids are 6 yrs apart and my son would be in love with the idea of a baby  in the house and the next day he would say he would flush her down the toilet if she cried. AHHHHH!  I recommend you include him on things for the new baby so he’s excited for his brother’s arrival. Have him pick out babies first outfit (give him three choices),  have him help set up the crib or stroller. I would tell my son that my daughter would kick in my tummy and she wouldn’t stop unless he sang a song to her. I wanted him to feel included and know that he was a big help in raising the baby. Good luck mama! You got this!


Q2: I want to start an online business but I’m scared. I have three kids, all of them in elementary and my husband works evenings. My evenings are packed with sport activities and my mornings consist of housework and spending time with my husband. 

A2:  Starting a business can be scary! Especially when you have many roles to fulfill, but don’t worry! There’s a lot of successful women around us, which shows us it’s possible! There are a few things you need to do, start of by documenting your schedule, NO, not what you SAY you are going to do, or what you THINK you do, what you actually do. From the time you get up to the time you go to sleep. Do that for 3 days. Once you’re done, look at your days and figure out what can be outsourced, extra chores for the kids, online grocery shopping, a more structured schedule? Early mornings or late nights for you? While the kids are busy with sports, can you work from your laptop? The key to this is to prioritize your time and multi-task. Giving yourself a full hour a day IS possible, you just have to stop making excuses and go for it. <— It sounds harsh but its true! You won’t know what works for you if you don’t start.


New things on the horizon



New podcast logo…new website design! Super excited to be able to move forward and be more involved and interact with all of you!

I truly appreciate all the support you guys give me! I’m going to be integrating a new section on my blog where you can ask me questions regarding business, marriage, motherhood, ANYTHING and it will be confidential. I will answer two questions a week via blog or IG live.

I’m having a hard time picking a name for my new column. HELP!

Should I call it: Life with Yolie

or  simple:  Ask Yolie


Let me know below!

You messed up?

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It’s okay to fall off track, it’s ok to feel overwhelmed, it’s ok to have a bad day…

But you know what is NOT ok?

To stay there!

To stay in a moment of weakness, to stay in  a bad mood, to stay unhappy, to stay in that “poor me’ mentality.

Chin up, breathe… and KEEP GOING!!!