Podcast FAQ

Audience & Format

Most of the content at momwifeandbosslife.com targets women in business. The main topic is how they overcame personal obstacles while running a business. The special sauce is the way we approach the listener: from the mom/wife standpoint. Let’s make it real and inspiring! The format is a free- flow conversation. The time goal for the entire episode is about 35-45 minutes

Recording & Technical Details

We’ll be recording over ZOOM –

When we get together for the recording, I’ll send you a Zoom link, which you can open with your browser. Make sure you select the correct mic (the browser will prompt you).

We’ll record on Video but only audio will be used.
A professional microphone is definitely a plus, but not required

Try to eliminate noise and distractions. Turn off sounds on your phone.
The general recommendation is to speak slower: we all tend to go really fast Try to relax and be yourself: the format is very free-form, friendly, and forgiving.

Your Next Steps

Here’s what you should do next:
If you haven’t yet, schedule your recording time using this link:


Send me profile high-resolution picture of you. I’ll crop and edit it to use for social media marketing of the episode. Include a small bio and social media links if you’d like.

Show up in the ZOOM link at the scheduled time. I’ll be on time.

If you have any questions, please get in touch via email: hello@momwifeandbosslife.com

Looking forward to our chat!

Yolanda Villa

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