Finding joy

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Since it’s summer break I have been spending A LOT of time with my kids, and one thing I have noticed about them is the joy they get for the small things.   When did we lose that as adults? My daughter wakes up to sunny skies and she’s ecstatic for the fun day she is going to have, my son gets super happy if our pet bird Sunny makes a noise that resembles a “hello”.  Why is that? Why is it that as adults we want big wins or absolutely nothing to go wrong for us to say we had a good day?

When my family and I go out for ice cream, I’m that mom that goes and gets a ton of napkins and starts hassling her kids about getting dirty BEFORE they get their cones.

Last week my husband and I took them for some ice cream and I decided to just enjoy the moment. To live in the present and not worry about the dirty clothes I would have to wash later. To find joy in the fact that all four of us were in a little ice cream shop in the bay area. Happy, healthy, and full of love. Messy faces and all.

That day I decided to redefine my joy.

Mom life and work life

life with yolie podcast.pngHappy… (Checks calendar) Thursday!! Is it just me or is this year going super fast? Took the kids to the park because I needed to answer emails & entertain them. That only worked for 5 minutes! This is how it went:

“Mom look at me” “Mom can I get water?” “Mom I fell down” “Mom D pushed me”.
I promised them ice cream if they could just play & not bother me UNLESS they had broken bones! That just started a whole new conversation.
‘What about a bloody nose?” ” Why would I have a broken bones?” “What about if I fall and have scratches and it’s bleeding and it hurts but I don’t know if it’s broken?”

Me the whole time “Patience. Breathe. These are precious kids”

RANT OVER! How is your day going?

I forgot to feed my human

yolanda villa podcast

Today was a long day in the office.. more mental than anything. But everything is under control which is good.

On the other hand.. I forgot to feed my daughter!! I can’t believe it!

🙊 Let me explain! I had finished cooking lunch when I picked her up from school but she decided to have a small snack and wait for her brother to get home, so they could eat together.

🤦My son got home and served himself because I was on a business call.. then an email came in, then another call… You all know the drill.
🤷 4 hours later I ask my daughter if she ate and she says “yes, no wait.. I haven’t!” .

Moral of the story: It’s okay to laugh at the end of a crazy day. You got this mompreneur!