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I have good news and bad news

Gym time

Well, the good thing is that about 45 days ago I signed up for 30 day challenge at a HIIT30 gym here in my town and  even though I didn’t go as many times as I would have liked, I actually lost weight.

After coming home from Las Vegas, I decided to enroll into a membership and the good news is I START ON MONDAY (tomorrow). The bad news? My husband just ordered pizza and I couldn’t contain myself and ate two slices,…and..well um.. I also ate the crust the kids left. I CAN’T HELP IT! That’s what moms are supposed to do!


The aftermath of 10xGrowthcon


I swear I love attending conferences because they are always get you out of your comfort zone. I have accomplished so many things in just the week that I have been back, that it is unbelievable.

I guess when you hear how other people 10x their life and what they’re doing to create the life they want, well, it makes you work extra hard.

I will talk about my favorite speakers in an other post but TIM STOREY AND ED MYLETT, my goodness! They really forced me to look at my life in another way.

I also want to let you guys know, I’m in the process of starting a podcast and vlogging which is way out of my comfort zone but something I have been wanting to do for a long time.



One more day and I take a flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas for Grant Cardone’s conference “10xGrowthCon”.

I attended the first event last year and I can attest that it was a GAME CHANGER!!        The speakers and the people I met helped elevate my business to another level.

It can be a simple sentence someone says and BAM, it just CLICKS.  Everything makes sense. It’s crazy how when you are surrounded with like minded individuals, it feels RIGHT.

If you are attending, leave a comment below and let me know which speaker you are most looking forward to?




Married to an entrepreneur


Being the wife of a go-getter, a restless minded individual is HARD but also very fulfilling.  A lot of people see the highs, the achievements and the rewards of hard work but they never realize how much it actually takes.

A couple of years ago, I was that wife that nagged that my husband worked too much, didn’t spend enough time with the kids and that he wasn’t helping with the running of the household. Yes, that was me a few years ago and I’m ashamed to admit it. But CAN YOU BLAME ME? That’s what was around me my whole life, I didn’t see anything different. Isn’t that what all wives do? Argue with their husbands?

Even though I was running my own business and he was starting out his, I felt I was doing all the work. Yet, he brought in more income than I did. It wasn’t until we shared an office that my outlook in work and marriage changed.

My husband and my brother are big fans of Uncle G (Grant Cardone) and although I agreed with some things he said, I wasn’t a big fan of his at that time. It wasn’t until I heard an episode of “ The G&E show” that it just CLICKED.

What the hell was I doing? My husband is out there getting contracts, providing for our family and I’m here nagging him because he forgot to put away the trash can?  Does he really want to argue with me after work?

Listen, we are still a married couple. We still fight but now we have a clear understanding of our roles in our marriage. We don’t sweat the small stuff because in the bigger scheme of things, they don’t matter. I always think about Elena Cardone’s advice, are you creating an empire or destroying it?

Now that we have goals as a family and as a couple, it is easier. I’m not going to lie, it’s a hard conversation to have at first, but once you get into the groove of things it just gets easier.  I run the household and he runs the businesses. Don’t get me wrong, if need be, and roles are reversed we go ahead and do it. No nagging necessary.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, ladies support your partner. Have him reach his full potential and I guarantee in the process you will reach yours.  Men, if you have a go -getter wife, help her reach her full potential. Building an empire is not normal, it’s not easy but it IS worth it.


Death and life…


This week my uncle past away, so death was already on my mind when the school shooting happened.  But it put things into perspective for me. My uncle was able to see his children get married, meet his grandkids.

The high school students were barely starting to make decisions about their adult lives, they were still babies.. THAT is what hurts my heart. They hadn’t yet lived life to their fullest potential.

As a parent of two young kids, the images on T.V broke my heart. I was sobbing and thinking of the parents that would not be able to hug their children one more time.

We aren’t big on Valentine’s Day but we do celebrate our anniversary since it’s the same day. We decided we wouldn’t celebrate, we laid on our bed with our babies and watched t.v., ate candy and just LIVED that moment.  Sometimes we take life for granted, work and pay bills, parent and all that stuff that being an adult comes with, but maybe we should be more like children. Ask questions, run around, have FUN, enjoy the moment.


Boss Lady work..

how-to-be-an-entrepreneur-mugThe last 24 hours have been hectic! This is the side of entrepreneurship people don’t talk about, the late night calls, hard decisions, getting leads. It’s always a little stressful but making decisions regarding the company and the team is always hard.

Why? Because we are human, we have emotions and also have a connection with everyone on our team so it is a little hard when we have to let people go. Maybe their attitude is affecting the team, maybe they aren’t satisfied with what we can offer them at this moment.  But it’s always hard to let people go even though you know it’s for the benefit of the company AND also for that person. If they aren’t prospering in this environment any longer, go and find somewhere where you are.

As the “boss lady” for my husbands company, it’s always hard for me to agree/disagree with him.  I see him stressing and my first instinct is to protect him and agree with him, but I hardly ever do that. I know its my JOB AND DUTY to have a clear head and give advice not as a wife but as a partner in the company. To look at both sides and make the best decision.  He rarely likes to hear my side, but he will give himself a few hours and then make the final call. I appreciate that he hears my side so I respect his final decision. That’s how we run our company and it’s what works for us.

So, it’s not always fun and games but it’s these little moments that push us to go harder. To get stronger as a team and keep moving forward.


Just a little clarification..



So, I guess I have to clarify what I wrote about on my first post. It’s not because someone brought it up, but because I have read over a certain part and in my heart I know it just doesn’t sound “right”. I love my career in real estate and helping my husband run his construction company to it’s fullest potential. THAT makes me happy.

What isn’t “fulfilling” to me is the politics behind it all. Since childhood, I have always being a creative person. I love colors, I love art, I love all types of music,  I just love to be around creative and like minded individuals that stand out from the crowd. When I started working in the real estate sector as a property manager assistant, I quickly learned it’s a fast paced environment also code word for STRESSFUL.

I moved up the ranks and became a licensed real estate agent and a property manager. I went ahead and after a few years opened my own property management company. After a few successful years, I decided to close shop and become a sales agent, while helping my husband grow his business.

I like real estate sales but I felt I was going at it wrong and it was because I didn’t feel authentic. I felt I wasn’t being ME. Creative ME. I felt I was being your typical real estate agent and wasn’t being me, a mom, a creative person, a female pushing sales and also knowledgeable in construction. I was always clean cut, cookie cutter and in part that IS ME but there is more to my personality.

IT FEELS GOOD. So, if you are stuck in a job or have a career in sales and you feel like can’t be yourself, I’m telling you, you are doing a disservice to yourself and to your clients. Being you feels good, looks good and does wonders to your career!