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This thing called parenting

How is everyone doing on day…umm… Ok, I lost track of what day we are on or what day it is! No, seriously I had to glance at the calendar and realized it was Thursday!

In all honesty, the last week or so was pretty rough for me. With everything going on, my anxiety was and is in another level. I have been recharging and taking each day as it comes. I’m taking a social media and news break. I’m a control freak, and I have to learn to let go of the things I can’t control. I have to reset, relax, recover and regroup.

With all that going on, I still have to parent and be a mom to these two, which is not hard, because these two are quite a blessing. They are helpful and get along with each other most of the time.

I’m also learning to relax a bit as a mom, the dishes don’t have to be cleaned right away, it’s okay if they don’t eat veggies for one day. Letting them have fun time before doing school work, letting them stay up a little later than usual, because really, we have nothing else to do in the next morning.

I’m learning to breathe and just enjoy the moment with them. I’m also learning they need their moments too, away from their parents and away from each other. School was a time for them, to socialize with friends, away from their parents, so I try to be away when they are in their zoom calls or chatting with friends.

Like I always say, parent the way that feels good for your family. Ask your children what they need from you and then tell your children what you need from them.

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