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Being a parent right now

So if you live in San Francisco east bay you might have already received an email from the school district stating they have extended school closures until May 4th. I have so many mixed feelings about this not just for myself but for my 2nd and 7th grader. I appreciate the school district and especially their teachers in keeping them busy with school work and checking on them through out the day.

We are all in unknown waters and their support has been incredible in transitioning the students into distance learning.

I couldn’t imagine how I would have handled it at their age. I try and keep them on a schedule but then I start wondering if that is good, is it for my sanity or for theirs? Am I giving them enough help? Enough outdoor activities? Should they be playing more video games?

Mama, I want to let you know that any emotion you are experiencing is normal and thousands of us are experiencing them right here with you. Sometimes we are our worst critics, thinking of what we could be doing, instead of focusing on what we are doing right. We are juggling so many new things right now and it’s new to us, to our partners and our children.

Don’t forget to have open conversations with your partner and your children, ask them what they need from you and what you need from them. Since everyone is home, everyone should be helping in keeping the house in order, don’t be afraid to give your children age appropriate chores.

Also, give yourself time to regroup, it can be 30 minutes of deep breathing, watching YouTube videos, a bath, a shower, a glass of wine while you watch an episode of YOUR favorite show, changing your nail polish or just laying in bed!

The other day, I was over my kids, yes I said it! I love them to death but they were driving me bonkers! My youngest was just “mommy this, mommy that” and my eldest had an attitude because he had a school project to do and he just wanted to play his Xbox. I couldn’t turn to my husband because he was bored and over this whole situation that any conversation we might have had would have turned into an argument. What did I do? I told everyone I would be working and to please do not disturb me until I got out of my room.

I FaceTime my friend and we just talked while she cleaned her house and I worked on some emails, it literally filled my soul. It was just girl time with no partner or kids to interrupt. Just what my soul needed.

I can say that after I came out of my “break from family” that everyones attitude was still the same, but I had regrouped. My attitude was good and I felt like ok, I can tackle this.

At times like these, we tend to head bad news from the media, we have friends and family sending scary stories but I’m here to tell you let’s focus on what we can control. Let’s wake up with a grateful heart, let’s count our blessings and lets focus on the things that ARE going right and let go of the things that are not going as we planned.

Much love to you. Sending you hugs!

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