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Overwhelmed with life

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The last 3 weeks have been a physical, mental and emotional roller coaster for me. Let me tell you why, my husband and I weren’t on the same page and instead of sitting down and communicating our needs like we usually do, we kept playing the blame/victim game and shutting each other out instead of reaching out and LISTENING.

While that was going on, I had to focus on work and keep studying for a big test I have at the end of the month, and also start packing for our move. We moved into a new place after moving to the East bay almost 2 years ago. I also had to deal with end of the year school activities, which are time consuming.

All this was manifesting on my body and mental state of mind, I was getting headaches, I was emotionally drained and my joints hurt.

I couldn’t handle it anymore and I decided to tackle every issue head on, starting with my marriage. I’m happy to report we are back on track and improving our communication skills, we sometimes get complacent with life and forget each other’s needs. I FINALLY finished moving yesterday and I also signed up to the gym to get back on track with my physical transformation.

Now that is in order, my head is clear and I can focus on work and on studying, because let’s be honest, if my family  isn’t in order then I can’t focus on ANYTHING.

Why, do I have the need to tell you this? Because it’s OKAY! Life is not always rainbows and unicorns and definitely not what social media portrays.  It’s okay to feel stressed and overwhelmed, but always remember “this too shall pass” BUT you have to take control of the situation.   Now lets get that mindset back on track and tackle a new week!!

Have a blessed day!

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